Casement windows


Casement windows are an ideal choice for residential replacement windows. To capture the individuality of your house Casement windows can be used in combination with a picture window rot a bay and blow window. Costume build, they can be installed to open on either left or right side to bring in maximum amount of light and air. The double glass with and an Insulated Glass Spacer protects from outside noise and prevents heat from escaping your home, thus providing you with long term energy efficiency and utility savings. Each replacement window will be custom made to match the exact size and color of your home.


  • Frame Depth = 3-1/4″
  • Full Welded Frame & Sashes
  • Heavy-Duty Multi-Cavity Construction ~ ensures strength, durability, & insulation.
  • Insulated Glass Unit Depth = 7/8″
  • PPG “Intercept” Insulated Glass Spacer ~ the “warm-edge” technology of choice.
  • Dual Deluxe Vent Locks ~ limit travel of sashes, maintain ventilation, and impede intruder access.
  • Easy Take-Out Locking Balance Shoes & T-Pivot Bar ~ makes sash removal during maintenance safe & easy.


  • Argon & Low-E ~ to enhance the thermal performance of the window.
  • Custom Colors & Finishes
  • Casement Fin ~ provides a fast, easy and neat replacement.
  • Panning and Interior Trim